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Leadership Lessons: Daring + Caring = Sharing

Leadership Lessons: Daring + Caring = Sharing
Leadership Lessons: Daring + Caring = Sharing Images

My new book, the one I am writing as you read this, is about women becoming more daring, men more caring and together all of us more sharing. It is the new way for men and women to relate and work together, at home, in the office, everywhere!

Do you want to be part of the pioneering group to make the world a better place? Do you want to help redesign the crazy, frantic pace that seems to be the norm and is making stress go over the top? Do you want more time to create and sing, paint, swim, dance and laugh out loud?

Listen, ladies we are NOT men in skirts! We did that in past generations by wearing clothes with shoulder pads. Anyone remember? It was “kinda” gross to see women looking like football players. It is not about how we dress, it is about how we meet the challenges.

And men, caring for kids, wiping a messy behind and cleaning up throw-up is truly for the brave at heart. Are you one of them?

The hero and heroine’s journey are still the same in structure, and very different in modern day process.

Everyone is going to get that knock on the door that calls us to action, to new and different kinds of adventures.

Most of us will initially refuse to answer the knock. We close the door and go about business as usual.

Think about science fiction and what the teens and younger adults are into. It is all about the journey to get to new and real ways of being together. Read “Adapting the Hero’s journey for a Heroine” by a really good young adult fantasy author at

Now, for all of us beyond the age of 30 consider reading “GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change” where I have a fun and creative way of looking at how the Princess Psyche found her true love Eros by going on her heroine’s journey.

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