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Leadership communication: What's your style?

Are you a rainmaker?
Are you a rainmaker?

Are you a people leader in Corporate America today?

Are you standing on a ready-made precipice of decision-making?

In taking the next step, a question looms: Will you ‘fall’ or ‘fly?’

Whether you fall or fly depends upon one thing: What decisions you make and how you make them?

The three leadership communication styles described below (using slang terms for effect) are not meant to be descriptive of a real person. They are provided as a tool for reflection and education about the process (how) of decision-making (using a communication approach).

1. Leadership Communication Dolt: A ‘Dolt’ lacks good decision-making skills in general. Intention is gleaned from others. Analytical and synthetical thinking skills are dormant; perhaps undevelopable. Style: He just doesn’t get it.

2. Leadership Communication Jack/Jill: A ‘Jack/Jill’ is ambivalent about what he intends to do. Analytical thinking skills are typically black and white. Synthetical thinking skills are typically muddled. Style: He straddles the fence.

3. Leadership Communication Phenom: A ‘Phenom’ has an exceptional ability to make clear decisions and take assertive action. He intends to bring about desired results – and does. His analytical and synthetical thinking skills are integrated. Style: He’s a rainmaker (results).

Styles 1 and 2 are limited by their own decision-making ability or lack thereof. Style 3 has transcended Styles 1 and 2 and thrives intra-personally (with self) and interpersonally (with others).

Transcending Style 3 is possible if the ‘Phenom’ is able to inspire exceptional decision-making in others. If you’ve transcended Style 3, information, knowledge or wisdom are displayed not just in you, but in your team as well. As said long ago: ‘When his (the leader’s) work is done and his aim fulfilled…the people say we did it ourselves.’ Lao Tzu

Organizational communication maven by day. Food, wine and beer buff by night. World traveler. Entrepreneurial spirit. Email Eroca Gabriel, a former Fortune 100 ‘people and culture’ consultant at LINK: www.linkedin/com/in/erocagabriel

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