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Leadership author says 70% of employees still disengaged after 12 years

Online--Dispite the consistently increasing annual training budgets for most companies in North America, surveys show that there has been an improvement in employee engagement over the past 12 years. The level of employee engagement determines employee productivity, retention rates and overall company profits. So, how do you re-engage your employees?

Most employees don't leave companies, they leave their managers.
Most employees don't leave companies, they leave their managers.Ravinder Tusiani

“Shift your focus to the top” says Ravinder Tulsiani, Author of ‘Your Leadership Edge’. Most companies focus on training the front-line. The investment fails to pay off as employees continue to be disengaged and eventually leave the company."

“Most employees don’t leave companies, they leave their managers. So, invest in training your leaders and they will inturn be empowered to lead a highly engaged workforce.”

In his book, ‘Your Leadership Edge’, Ravinder provides an innovative step-by-step program to help readers to acquire the core leadership skills necessary to increase employee morale and manage a highly engaged and productive workforce. If you’re looking to ignite productivity in your organization, grab your copy of ‘Your Leadership Edge’ at

About the author. Ravinder Tulsiani has over a decade of experience in training and management development. Tulsiani’s expertise has been cited and sought out on a number of major networks, such as CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg and FOX. Tulsiani teaches leadership at his own consulting firm, Training EDGE. Effective Leadership, Manager’s Guide to Workplace and Safety, and Time Management in the Workplace are all books also penned by Ravinder Tulsiani.

For more information, contact Ravinder Tulsiani via email at, by phone at (647)557-5790, visit the website or Ravinder Tulsiani's LinkedIn profile.