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Leadership at Any Age: When Someone says “YOU SUCK”

When Someone says “YOU SUCK”
When Someone says “YOU SUCK” Images

Leadership development starts early, or at least it should. How about in kindergarten? Or at least by third grade?

My book “GUTSY: How Women Leaders Make Change” is dedicated to my granddaughter who is now eight years old. She is wonderful to watch as her generation of girls learns early to be bold and brave as well as beautiful.

Arielle and her younger brother Dylan spent last weekend with their beloved babysitter and her son Mason who is the big kid at almost ten.

Here is the report from Arielle. “Grandmom, did my mom tell you that Mason was very rude when I didn’t want to play some board games with him? I told him I wanted to put on a show and he was not interested, so I just said “fine” and he just said “fine and I went into the other room to practice what I wanted to do when my parents would come home.

“He followed me and he said “You Suck.

How disgusting is that.

Intrigued I asked her how she handled the insult.

“I turned to him and said “You need better words and that was mean and he said it again.”

With that she said “You know I am a GUTSY GIRL” and when I nodded she said, “So I gave him back his words and told him that anyone who says “you suck” must not like themselves and maybe he is the one who sucks.”

And then she informed me he walked away and came back to apologize and said he wanted to be in my play.

“So, how did it turn out?”

I let him be in my play and we called it “No one SUCKS!

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