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Leadership and women: An interview with Michelle Patterson

Michelle Patterson is the President of the California Women's Conference, which comes to Long Beach on May 19 and 20, 2014

Writers, especially authors, are often seen as leaders. And yet, so many don't see themselves as leaders, especially if they are women. The California Women's Conference, coming to Long Beach May 19 and 20, hopes to change that.

What follows is an interview with the President of the Conference, Michelle Patterson, about the state of women leadership in the United States.

Carma Spence: What can women do to improve their leadership skills?

Michelle Patterson: Regardless of socio-economic background, woman can and should take an active role in educating themselves about leadership. This includes accessing information at local libraries, investing in training and workshops and attending events that support women’s empowerment like the California Women’s Conference.

CS: What can women do to help increase the rate of change so that we don’t have to wait for 2085 for equality?

MP: Be proactive instead of reactive. Its up to us to make a difference. That’s why I created Women Network, spoke to the United Nations, and am so passionate about the California Women’s Conference. We really are better together and we need to continually educate ourselves about the issues and get involved.

CS: How can women pursue their careers or grow their businesses without sacrificing their home life?

MP: Get support. We are not meant to do this alone and that is why collaboration is so important. Build a strong team and set clear boundaries to protect your family and if you’re single, you still have to carve out time for you.

CS: How can men help/get involved?

MP: More and more men are stepping up and supporting equality for women in all areas of life. Men can take a stand on important issues and do their part by voicing their support and pitching in to help out. I’m blessed to have a very supportive husband who is my champion and I wish that for everyone.

If you'd like to join Michelle at the California Women's Conference, you can purchase tickets here.

Event Information Summary:

What: California Women's Conference

Where: Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, Calif.

When: May 19 & 20, 2014


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