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Leadership and Extreme Behavior

What are your limits?
What are your limits?

A big part of leadership is to become a “Pattern Pioneer.” That means breaking through old ways of behaving to find what is new, creative, and useful.

Leaders worth following are always saying “what’s next.”

Think of it this way: would you ever put on the same underwear day after day, or only eat hamburgers and nothing else for months on end?

Of course not. We get bored and love to find what is new, titillating, and fascinating.

My BIG QUESTION today is: what are your limits?

Talking about hamburgers. How willing would you be to chomp into a chili burger that has a sauce hotter than pepper spray? There are two journalists in the U.K. who decided to attempt the extreme sport of hot hamburgers.

Look, we really do need to take risks to see what lies beyond the ways we were taught things should be. As leaders it is vital to think about what will make a difference and what is just plain stupid.

Today's leaders not only need the industry specific knowledge, skill and expertise, they need to be masters of people relationships.

There is a call for a new kind of leadership, emphasizing emotional and social intelligence and skills for building work cultures based on effective communication, collaboration, trust, pattern awareness and accountability.

Chili burger anyone??

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