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Leadership and Accepting “The JOURNEY”

Leadership and Accepting “The JOURNEY”

Everyone says “it’s the journey not the destination” especially when situations are tough.

Leadership development means accepting this as a core belief when climbing the mountain of career success.

Did you ever meet a leader who does not have a story of falling and failing? Did you ever meet a leader who is blemish free with no scars? “Well, only when they have been photo shopped” you say and you are right.

Let’s peel this back a bit. What exactly is “the journey?”

Look at it this way: it is the accumulation of “I will never do that again!” and “Wow, that was a great lesson to learn.”

Leadership success stories are all around and it takes guts and creativity and competence to make your mark on the world. One way to look at your own journey is to do a “CHI CHART.”

This stands for Career History Inventory and here is how it works: Get a piece of paper and draw a horizontal line along the bottom of the page. Put your age markers in 5 year points. Then put a vertical line along the left hand side of the page. This will be your happiness factor from 10% TO 100%. Now in the middle draw a horizontal line that will be your 50% marker.

Start with your earliest job. Yes, earliest one. Maybe when you sold lemonade at age 10 or pulled weeds for a neighbor. Something that gave you the cash to buy an ice cream cone or new toy. No, not an allowance, a real job in the neighborhood.

See where you succeeded and where you failed, what you loved and what you hated.

Now check out what parts of your own journey were great and which were just plain awful.

You can learn more about CHI Charts in “Don’t Bring It to Work”. The journey never ends so make it as wonderful as you can. The more you know the more you are in charge!

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