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Leaders' Map Kindle book helps leaders navigate toward sucess

Leaders' Map
Leaders' Map

"The new book, Leaders' Map, was written to enable leaders to navigate toward success both in their work and other roles in life," explains author John D. H. Greenway.

"Whether you are taking the lead in business, in your community or even in your family there will be fresh ideas, practical wisdom and timeless principles that you can draw on," adds Greenway. "At its core, Leaders' Map will help you to understand your journey."

The 82-page Amazon Kindle book sells for $4,99, but will be available on Amazon for free on April 16 and 17.

Recent reviews on Amazon for the book include:

  • Leaders' Map book is an easy to consume book full of simple and actionable principles that will help you to become not only a better leader, but also gives you practical tools for optimizing your life. Leaders' Map however is not a book that tries to give you the answers, but rather provides a framework to help enable and provoke you to discover what critical steps you need to take to make a difference. Full of timeless principles this book is definitely worth the time.
  • Short chapters, great quotes and lively stories make this an easy and inspiring read.
    Through his wealth of experience, John takes you on a journey which explores leadership in a clear and concise way. Life rarely goes in a straight line for long and to be an effective leader, in a variety of roles, we need to have the tools to zigzag our way through, whatever the weather.
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