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Leader of the Free World impotent in the face of Islamist slavers in Africa

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As Islamists in Africa seize hundreds of Christian girls from schools to sell as sex slaves and force into Islam, the Leader of the Free World and his wife send out a pitiful tweet begging the head of Boko Haram, an Islamist terror group and Al-Qaeda spin-off, for mercy. Obama has disgraced himself putting his neck under the yoke of Islam elevating the lowest of scum above the President of the United States. Two years ago Obama sent a platoon of U.S. Special Forces to stop an African leader to stop enlisting young men to fight Moslem oppressors, yet sends only a few advisors to Nigeria about this slaver.

Obama’s wife Michelle took to Twitter to post a picture of herself with a sad face holding a sign saying “#Bring back our girls.” Conservatives, Republicans, and the American military condemn this show of impotence on the part of the president. Mark Steyn posted his own Twitter to express righteous contempt for this pathetic liberal action with a sign saying, “#Get back our balls.”

Mark Steyn “#Get back our balls” on Hannity

Liberals are mocking conservative’s demand for manly action and are happy to express their concern with a sad face as enough to combat this African Islamist slaver. Anything more they say is Islamophobic racism. Obama believes it is the fault of the Christians in Nigeria’s government who are at fault causing the “peaceful Muslims” to become militant, which is why Democrats have fought against having this group tagged as terrorists.

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