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Leader of "Dance Moms" attacked by Mom. Video of pre-schooler dancing on her own

Some of you will remember an old Arthur Godfrey TV program called, "Kids say the darn-est things!" And they can come out with some doozies - but what about kids who do the darn-est things.

"One Mom has had enough of Abby Lee Miller and attacks her!"
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This video came to me and you just got to love it. This little girl is making her debut as a dancer in pre-school; and all I can say is that "Dancing with the Stars" had better get prepared. She is on her way.

Parents and grandparents often gather at performances for their children out of love and obligation and sit through some of the most boring times of their lives - but not this time.

This little girl gets to jiving just as soon as they strike up the band; and she hangs in there until the very end. She is having a ball and maybe life would be a lot better if we would hang up our "hang-ups" and get a little more groovy - even if no one is watching or listening. Why do you think it is that people love singing in the shower?

A lot of folks are disturbed about a popular TV show called, "Dance Moms!" The teacher in this reality series is sometime so harsh and heavy and all she cares about is teaching kids to dance like they were already professionals.

She might gain a little better attitude if she would watch this video. She says that second place is just the first loser!

In the midst of writing the story about the preschooler, I learned that one of the Moms on the show, "Dance Moms," has been arrested for attacking Abby Lee Miller, the teacher.

Often parents push their children into doing (and being) what they missed in their childhood - or because they want to see their kid receive fame and fortune. This goes for sports as well.

As a mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother - I say let kids be kids. They are only young once and they won't pass this way again.

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