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Lead Singer for Snot, Tommy Vext, on the reemergence of the band and the growing

Snot reunion shows live at the Troubador and at the Whisky a go-go in Los Angeles-slide0
Annie Atlasman

In the first few months of 2014 and being the first show in five years, Snot performed at the Whisky a go-go in West Hollywood on February 11, 2014 which became the first of several dates to come around the southern California area.

Snot live at the Whisky a go-go
Annie Atlasman

The following month and more recently, on March 18, 2014, Maphia Management and 1304 Media sponsored a free show featuring Snot; which without question and quickly became a packed house to fans old and new at The Troubador proving a huge success. That show had a few known faces in the world of music which included a duet during Snot's set with a performance of 'Mr Brett' between singer Tommy Vext and 'Butcher Babies' Heidi Shepard and supported by the rest of her band and their friends in the audience.

The band had recently reunited with vocalist Tommy Vext, who took over for Lynn Strait since his death in 1998. The reason for the band coming back together was a gradual progression in the last year or so with the advancement of a group known as SFG12; a program which supports artists (not only musicians) in a free sober life recovery program. Guitarist and back up vocalist and one of the founding members, Sonny Mayo was amongst the people bringing the program, as well as the band back to life.

The 'SFG12' program which has two known acronyms, most popular being "Sober, Free, Grateful" and another titled as the 'St. Francis Group.' While it is completely anonymous to join and be a part of, many famous rock musicians have been promoting the group, proud of their accomplishments and want to show that there is help for everyone out there and they are all there to support each other.

Notorious Instagram posters; Jacoby Shaddix, singer of Papa Roach posts his accomplishments frequently and, Brian 'Head' Welch, guitarst of of Korn and singer of 'Love and Death' had made several mentions of the group and lifestyle as well as an interview with Vext available HERE.

Founders of the 'SFG12' started in 2011, with four musicians who were on the 'Music as a Weapon Tour.' Living the Rock and Roll life style, it is difficult being surrounded by the "party lifestyle" and they came together at their shows and having meeting with each other backstage. Word of mouth grew, where people from the 'Warped Tour 2013' requesting help and obtaining sober literature, which Vext personally provided and helped set up meeting at the shows.

CEO Aaron Robin was inspired by what SFG stands for and felt he could help Vext take the idea and help the masses because a lot of people don't know there is help out there in the music industry. As the discussion progressed, they realized how many people lost their lives and destroyed their careers due to drug and alcohol addiction.

Eventually, the discussion led to the creation of the paperwork being files as a not-for-profit group to which shows would be performed where all the proceeds go to the SFG12 program. As Mayo being one of Tommy's closest friends, he proposed to make the first sponsored show being a Snot Reunion show which was held at the Whisky. People came from as far as Australia and New York to help support the show and the cause.

Donations for SFG12 can be made here
and future show dates and other kinds of events are listed on their website at or their Facebook Page here

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