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Lea Skincare of Beverly Hills offers Mother's Day treatment to make moms glow

Spoil mom like a superstar at Lea Advanced Skincare in Beverly Hills
Spoil mom like a superstar at Lea Advanced Skincare in Beverly Hills
Patti Pietschmann

Lea Advanced Skincare, the Beverly Hills facial salon to the stars, wants to makes moms glow for Mother’s Day and throughout the month of May with a special EMrx AHA Glow Lift Treatment she is offering for $250 (normally $100 more). The treatment begins with Eigard Essentials Antioxidant Scrub and Rejuvenating Clay Cleanse. Then the skin is prepped for a Micro-Current application that strengthens and creates muscle tone. A double layer of stimulating and exfoliating AHA acids is followed by an application of a mint-infused nourishing mask and use of a polychromatic LED. This seven-spectrum light system treats all layers of the skin by stimulating collagen production, oxygenating, clarifying, detoxifying, and evening out skin tone, thereby resulting in firm, lifted, restructured, soft and luminous skin. The treatment will make Mom glow and smile with happiness.

Treat mom to a facial that makes her glow
Photo supplied by Lea Advanced Skincare


Lea Eigard, known as the guru of the glow, orchestrates a symphony of facial techniques and movements that leave your skin radiant for days. Her client list is off the charts having pampered such celebs as Eva Longoria, Jessica Simpson and many more, but everybody’s treated like a star at her tiny day spa, Lea Advanced Skincare, that sits hidden off a major street in Beverly Hills with no signage on the door or hint of what’s inside.

The precious place provides peace, quiet and the exceptional talents of diminutive and lithe Lea, a paramedical aesthetician, cosmetologist, certified massage therapist and former professional ballerina. Her face exudes kindness, her skin is naturally flawless, and her work ethic is to get the job done and make you look and feel like a super star.

A treatment here is almost transcendental. You’re never quite sure what Lea has up her sleeve. She works like an artist trying to erase your flaws, wipe away the wrinkles, and make you look young again. And it works using her innovative techniques such as the signature EMrx Red Carpet Treatment, which raises restorative skin-care treatments to new heights by combining the 21st century technology of the Sapphire 3 OxyLight with her signature EMrx PROTOCAL.

Jessica Simpson, a loyal client of Eigard’s for many years once said, "Lea Eigard has changed my skin completely. Her gentle touch and calm demeanor makes every experience I have at Lea Advanced Skincare a beyond-pleasurable one." After my recent session, I couldn’t agree more.

In addition to facial rejuvenation, Lea specializes in acne control, cellular renewal using stem cell techniques, lymphatic drainage, peels and many more methods that help restore her the skin. The salon also offers eyelash tinting, brow contouring, body treatments, hydrotherapy and wraps.

For more information about Lea Eigard or Lea Advanced Skincare call 310-278-2221, e-mail or visit

Lea Advanced Skincare is located at 417 North Camden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.

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