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Lea Porter's murderer appears in court

Lea Porter is dead. Her last known whereabouts were on June 3, at the Westminster, CO, home of Christopher Waide, who had been friends with the 19-year-old since high school. She had been there to visit him that evening, but claimed she left after getting a phone call, and got into a white truck. However, her car remained parked at his apartment, her social media accounts went dark, and calls to her cellphone went straight to voicemail. For over a week, everyone wondered, where is Lea?

Lea Porter is believed to have been murdered on June 3, by her friend, who she trusted.
Photo courtesy of Help Find Lea Porter Facebook page

As the search intensified and Waide became a person of interest, he finally came clean. He allegedly confessed to Lea's family members that he stabbed and strangled the teen when she refused his sexual advances, then stuffed her into a trash bag and put her in the dumpster outside his apartment complex.

Waide, who is being held without bond, made his first court appearance Monday morning, which was just an initial advisement of what he will officially be charged with on Friday, first-degree murder and sexual assault. He apparently showed no emotion and did not speak while he was in the courtroom.

Lea Porter's body has not yet been found, but it is believed to be in an area landfill, though Waide has given a few different accounts of where they can find her. This is unbelievable. Is it possible for this man to degrade his "friend"any further? He stole her life, because she wasn't romantically interested in him. Now her family will be forever haunted by Lea's empty seat at Christmas dinner, the children she will never have, and the endless possibilities that she will never have the opportunity to strive for. Surely, justice will be served in this case. Or, as Lea's stepfather, Michael Jackson, says, "I want him to suffer. I want him (to get) life in prison in regular jail. And if they don’t do it I’m going kill him myself.”

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