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Lea Porter disappearance: Police 'leaning toward a murder'

Was Lea Porter murdered?
Was Lea Porter murdered?
Photo courtesy of Missing Children Adults Facebook page

There has been no word from 19-year-old Lea Porter since June 3, making it over a week since she has made contact with anyone. This is extremely out of character for her, family saying she is constantly updating her social media accounts and sending text messages. So where is she?

Christopher Waide, a friend of Lea's, was the last person known to be with her. He claims she left his apartment in the middle of the night because the two had gotten into a scuffle. His apartment was searched and he was cooperative with police, but he has now been taken into custody and named a suspect in her disappearance.

This is a man who has told several versions of what happened that night, from the two of them getting into an argument when he found heroin on her, to her just up and leaving, getting into a light colored truck. It now seems more likely that neither of those things happened, and Waide was just trying to take the focus off of him. However, Lea's car, though stripped of her personal belongings, was left in the parking lot of his apartment complex. And their must have been some physical evidence, as the outside dumpster was searched, then hauled away.

Will the truth of what happened to Lea Porter come out? Most likely, but for now, police are only saying that the case is "leaning toward a murder."