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Lea Michele thanks fans for ‘Cannonball’ video views; over 2 million and countin

Lea Michele is pushing her music career hard and her latest post gives appreciation to the fans for their continued efforts to help her music. According to the Los Angeles Times on Saturday the lyrics of the song are not as good as other music from entertainer’s like Miley Cyrus, but the fans seem to love the visual aspects of the official music video. In 48 hours the “Cannonball” music video has been seen over two million times. Fans are loving this performance because it is so different from Lea's normal "Glee" offerings and "comes from the heart."

“Cannot believes my #CannonballMusicVideo has over 2 million view!!! You guys are seriously amazing,” tweeted Lea Michele from her official Twitter account on Sunday. The star seemed extremely appreciative that the fans were taking notice of her music video, but that isn’t translating into big numbers when it comes to sales.

While Lea Michele continues to focus on her music, most fans will agree that the clock is ticking for the “Glee” star. Once the show ends, Lea Michele will no longer have a weekly platform where she can be seen to remind fans of her vocal talents. At that point she will either need to offer music that has some lyrical value (or a catchy beat) or continue on her acting path.

While the “Glee” ending is weeks away, the star needs to really kick up her music career if she wants to be taken seriously. At this point, most critics are thinking Lea Michele isn’t going to be serious, if pursuing music full-time. We are more optimistic and see great talent in Lea and hope that talent will pull her through the transition that is filled with a galaxy of choices.

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