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Lea Michele new guy: Actress steps out with new man for first time

Lea Michele
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images for Oakley

Lea Michele of "Glee" is now stepping out with her new man Matthew Paetz. Rumors have been swirling about their romance for some time now but this actress has been keeping it behind closed doors until now. On Thursday, E! Online shared a picture of the two and a bit about their big romance.

News came out June 11 that she had moved on since the loss of her boyfriend Cory Monteith. It was really hard for to get over the man that she considered her one true love. Moving on for her is a big step. Pictures show Lea and Matthew out for a a nice picnic at the park. She had just got back from a surfing trip in Mexico but it sounds like Paetz didn't go with her on the trip.

Things between the two seem pretty serious. He was hanging out at her house all weekend long and was even seen driving around in her car. It looks like things between Lea Michele and Matthew Paetz are really heating up. Sources say that she feels like he is amazing and that things are now heating up between the two of them.

Reports came out when the first two started dating that he used to work as an escort for the company Cowboys4Angels. At this time, Lea and Matthew have both been quiet about this and won't confirm or deny. This company has a show called "Gigolos" on Showtime but Matthew Paetz has never been seen on the show.

TMZ shared after these rumors came out that Lea is now convinced he is not actually a gigolo but instead is a life coach. He told her he only went on a few dates to learn about it for his job. Lea bought it but reports say he was really a gigolo for over a year. Maybe she doesn't mind his sketchy past and is okay with it. Lea and Matthew seem to be doing great so far.

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