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Lea Michele: New boyfriend post Cory Monteith's death, seen dating Matthew Paetz

Lea Michele has a new boyfriend; the “Glee” star was spotted for the first time out and about with her new summer flame, who seems to be her very first boyfriend after the tragic death of Cory Monteith back in 2013. After a number of months of staying single and grieving the loss of the handsome singer and co-star, Lea is dating again, and the talented young woman certainly deserves the happiness. The Daily Mail reveals this Thursday, July 3, the behind-the-scenes details of her latest love, Matthew Paetz, and their initial public sighting together this week.

Lea Michele seen with new boyfriend after Cory Monteith
GC Photo, Image File (Refinery29)

The attached photo of Lea Michele and some handsome stranger — whose name is Matthew Paetz — is not a snapshot from a new “Glee” episode or some other entertainment venue. The TV star can be seen smiling and laughing with her new boyfriend on a very real date. The two young lovers are apparently still in the love-struck stage, enjoying a comfortable stroll through the park together. After staying out of the limelight in terms of her love life, it seems Michele is finally ready to step back into the sunshine.

Captured holding hands by some paparazzi just last week, the “Glee” singer shared her first unofficial public moment out with Paetz. The two stars reportedly met on the set of Lea Michele’s hit “On My Way” video. He was a backup dancer that had a starring role in the music video, playing her love interest. Apparently, a romantic spark formed between the two, as the handsome man appears to be Lea’s new boyfriend.

Some fellow “Glee” fans might find it difficult at first to see Lea getting involved with anyone other than Cory Monteith. Refinery29 News reveals that after his sudden and tragic death by overdose just last summer, Lea was “devastated” for a time — as was the rest of the world to lose such a talent so young and so soon. Yet it’s likely that Cory would have wanted his former girlfriend to be happy and dating again, and it looks like the Rachel Berry actress has finally found a new love interest and is at last moving on.

According to the report, the new couple’s walk together was only one part of a fun date day. Lea Michele’s new boyfriend Matthew Paetz apparently came to pick her up early one morning last week to go on a hike together at a local park. After getting some exercise in, they sat down together to enjoy a dreamy picnic side by side. (“Glee” fans might remember the iconic scene where Lea and Cory shared a brief picnic together in the school’s auditorium before boy trouble shenanigans ensued). The low-key afternoon proves that not every single celebrity outing needs to be a flashy affair, it seems.

Lea Michele seems very content with her new boyfriend, as seen by her smiles and confident air about her throughout the date. Here’s to the beautiful “Glee” star finding more happiness in the future in terms of both her career and her love life. With a new season of "Glee" not too far off and a number of singing (including movie!) roles on her to-do list, it's certain that Lea is trying to find what time she can now to relax and appreciate the romantic side of life. What do you think of her budding relationship with Matthew Paetz? Sound off below with your thoughts.

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