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Lea Michele's Cory Monteith tribute remembers his smile on his birthday

Lea Michele and Cory Monteith were one of Hollywood's young star couples until his death, and she has not forgotten him even a little since his passing last July. Monteith tragically died on July 13 last year, but if he had lived he would have turned 32 on May 11. That day was yesterday, and Lea Michele made sure to visit her Twitter to remember the day and to honor his memory with a special tweet. She commented on his "biggest heart and most beautiful smile" in the message she shared with her followers.

Lea Michele pays tribute to Cory Monteith on his birthday.
Lea Michele Twitter

Lea and Cory had dated since 2012, and they met on "Glee." At the time of his death in 2013, there were reports that the couple would soon be engaged to be married. Michele never confirmed those reports, but she was devastated by the loss of the actor. She made it clear when she spoke out about him after his death that he was the love of her life. Since his death, she has paid tribute to Monteith in several ways. One of the songs on her recently released album was in tribute to Monteith.

Monteith's death did have an impact on the series he starred on. Production on the fifth season of "Glee" for Fox was set to begin just days following his death. Production had to be pushed back, and the episodes already written for season five had to be re-written to pull out his character. Finn was very much a huge player on the series, and Ryan Murphy had prepared a series finale in his mind that would focus on Finn and Rachel Berry, who is played by Lea Michele. Murphy had to change his plans for the finale of the series.

His plans have not been revealed yet. Fans will need to wait until season six airs in 2015. Fox announced their 2014-2015 schedule today, and "Glee" has not had their final season scheduled, according to It is possible that spring 2015 is when the final season of this series will air. The season five finale will air on Fox tomorrow night, so this means fans will need to wait several months to find out what will happen next on this series.

The action has been moved to New York City following the graduation of Blaine and the remaining seniors from McKinley High. However, the action might not play out only in New York City. The finale has been teased to set up all of the characters and their next steps. They might not remain in New York City. Fans will definitely need to tune in to find out what Murphy has planned for the characters on tomorrow night's finale.

"Glee" has definitely been a series for Fox that has managed to have ups and downs. Ratings started off strong for the series during the first seasons. The ratings were so strong that Fox renewed the series for seasons three and four. Ratings began to slip as the series continued to air, but Fox has stayed behind the series. They are allowing Ryan Murphy to finish the story he planned out for the series. The death of Cory Montreith changed that plan drastically, but Fox is still sticking by this series.

What do you think of Lea's tribute to Cory? Do you still watch "Glee" on Fox? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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