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Le Jolifou is giving cooking lessons

Le Jolifou is located in the Rosemont area, Papineau corner Beaubien.
Le Jolifou is located in the Rosemont area, Papineau corner Beaubien.

David Ferguson, chef and owner of popular restaurant, Le Jolifou, is offering five cooking and dining events. During the next five Mondays, Ferguson, along with some guest cooks, will demonstrate the following cuisines: January 18, Thailand; January 25, Moroccan; February 1, Indian; February 8, Brazilian; and February 15, Sri Lankan. Given the diverse, culinary knowledge needed to prepare some of these cuisines, Ferguson's guest chefs are friends he says hail from each ethnic background.

Guests sit behind the bar which faces the opened kitchen while Ferguson and guest give a play by play of how each dish is created. Guests take notes, ask questions, and best of all, get to eat each dish; which will consist of an entrée, main course, and dessert, all for the small price of $70. For $25 more, Ferguson's wife and Jolifou sommelier, Hélène Brault will match each course with that perfect glass of wine.  "It's all very casual" says Ferguson about his cooking classes, "people ask a lot of questions, there's a lot of talking going on in English and French and it's always a lot of fun."

Le Jolifou, located in the Rosemont area of Montreal, is a restaurant that puts a Latin twist on classic French cuisine. Aside from the distinctive and delicious food however, Ferguson and wife Brault also take a very unique approach toward their restaurant's décor: each table is decorated with toys, and the walls with artful South American memorabilia. At Le Jolifou, diners can enjoy a duck magret with roasted parsnips, with sherry vinegar, pasilla negra sauce while playing with a jack-in-the-box on the table, what could be more enjoyable. 

The event begins at 6.45 p.m. and runs till 9.15 p.m. Call to reserve, space is limited.

Le Jolifou, 1840 Beaubien St. East (just East of Papineau) 514.722.2175

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  • Carol Roach, Montreal Mental Health Examiner 5 years ago

    great article but I don't find 70 a small price

  • admada 5 years ago

    you are learning how to cook and get to eat it also, I don't think 70 is too expensive.How much do regular cooking classes go for anyway?

  • Sandro Lisi- Mtl Restaurant Ex 5 years ago

    Hey Carol, $70.00 is substantial, but if you take into consideration the nature of the exotic ingredients being used, and the time being put in by both chefs, it's a good deal.

    Hi Admada, to answer your question, I've seen cooking classes go from $30 for one dish to $200 for a seven course meal, it also depends on the restaurants. Thank you both for commenting.

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