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LBJ (not the ex-president) but LBJ (the sports star) and Googling Cleveland

LBJ Immortal
LBJ Immortal
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Cleveland, Ohio residents are a lazy lot; especially those in the arts and culture community. Authors, poets, artists, bloggers, chefs and waste disposal technicians are lacking in the all important keywords aspects of promoting the area. In this day and age of Al Gore's inter-webs, it is vitally important that when posting online one must use the correct and highly noticeable terminology befitting said promotion of said area. Various search engines such as Google, Bing and even Yahoo (does anyone use Yahoo anymore?) seem to pay no heed and quite often ignore the who, what and why's when it comes to Cleveland. This could of course be because of the aforementioned laziness of those in the arts community (see previously mentioned keywords) but I believe it is a nationwide (and probably internationally wide as Google and others are probably now owned by foreign corporations) conspiracy to relegate Cleveland to the back pages of the frontal lobe of American minds.

For example: before writing this article (some may call it BS and I'm okay with that) I went to Google for some ideas and inspiration, as I wanted to write another BS article for Examiner though I've not had any payment deposited into my PayPal account for quite some time (has Examiner changed their payment policy?) and thought another load of tripe would move me up in the local and national rankings of writers here. Alas, that doesn't seem to be as my rankings continuously fall as those who write about TV stars steadily move up the ladder; but that is what America wants I suppose. So I try various searches to find something good about Cleveland and hopefully it's magnificent writing community, and what do I get? Freaking 10 pages about freaking LeBron James. Again, keywords people. He who was once loved then vilified is loved once again. Kind of like me and my ex-wife but that is a story for another time. I first tried 'greatest story ever written about Cleveland, Ohio' and ended up with freaking LeBron James. Then I tried 'greatest writer from Cleveland' and freaking ended up with freaking LeBron James. Is he writing a book? Does he even know how to write? Why aren't school children taught to write cursive anymore? Damn you, internet! Then I simply typed in 'anything about Cleveland that has nothing to do with LeBron James' and you can probably imagine how that turned out. 'King James' had nothing to do with the Bible. 'LBJ' did come up with Lyndon Baines Johnson but that was on about page 24. Eventually I just gave up as any decent Frenchman does.

The point is (and I do have a point) that Cleveland has more to offer than just President King James. LBJ was LBJ before LBJ was. Clevelanders are hypocrites - love Lebron then hate him then love him again. Just like my ex-wife. But that's a story for another time. We have great writers and poets. Filmmakers and artists and celebrity chefs like Michael Simon. At least I assume he's good seeing as I've heard of his restaurants and he's been on TV. So yeah. Go sports!