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Lazy thin people may be healthier than fat active people

Although it has become more and more apparent in recent years how important exercise is for good health, it appears your weight may be an even more sensitive indicator of potential heart problems. Unfit, lean people are more well protected against heart attacks than fit, obese people, reports Umea University on Jan. 8, 2014. A Umeå University research team has showed that physical fitness in your teens can lower the risk of heart attack later in life, while men who are fit and obese in their teens are at a higher risk of having a heart attack than unfit, lean men.

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This study has been published in the European Heart Journal. The leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide is cardiovascular disease. Signs of atherosclerosis have been found to be present in all large arteries already in adolescence. The researchers wanted to study the association which exists between high physical fitness in late adolescence and myocardial infarction (MI) later in life. It was concluded that there is a significant graded association which exists between aerobic fitness in late adolescence and MI later in life in men.

However, it was also perhaps surprisingly observed that obese men with a lot of high aerobic fitness had a higher risk of MI than lean men who had low aerobic fitness. The study also shows us that being physically fit in your teenage years may lower the risk of a heart attack later in life. Furthermore, fit but overweight or obese men were also found to run a significantly higher risk of suffering a heart attack than unfit, lean men. In other words, having a normal weight is more significant than being in good physical shape. But, it is even better to be both fit and have a normal weight. To be on the safe side I suggest trying to maintain a healthy weight while also staying active.

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