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Layzie Bone to release two albums on same day; full tracklists revealed

Cover art for each album
Cover art for each album
RBC Records

Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony will be releasing two separate albums, The Definition and The Meaning, on February 22, 2011 under independent RBC Records.

Under the alias L-Burna, Layzie made his debut as a solo artist on March 20, 2001 with the release of Thug By Nature, an extraordinary Ruthless Records release that did not register in the sales department but was a success in the music department with a bulk of great tracks.

Thereafter, Layzie released five albums: It’s Not A Game via Cleopatra Records, May 31, 2005; The New Revolution via B-Dub Records/Hi Power Entertainment, August 22, 2006; Cleveland via Siccness Records, October 17, 2006; Startin’ from Scratch: How a Thug was Born via Mo Thug Records, July 24, 2007; and sixth album Thugz Nation via Hi Power Entertainment, March 4, 2008.

With the exception of a few standout tracks, these albums (all under independent labels) collectively did not make any noise – and failed to bring the musical impact as his blazing debut album. However, Layzie will try to reverse his prior substandard performances/releases into success, both in sales and musically, with his upcoming releases.

The Definition and The Meaning will be Layzie Bone’s seventh and eighth solo album. Each album consists of 16 tracks; out of these 32 tracks, three are Bone Thugs-N-Harmony tracks that were cut from the group’s latest album UNI-5: The World’s Enemy: “Hear ‘em Knockin’,” “The Game Ain’t Ready,” and “Better Days.”

The tracklist for The Definition is as follows:

1. A New Life (Feat. Thin C)
2. My Hood (Feat. Tha Bizniz & Chamillionaire)
3. Spend The Night (feat. Baby Bash)
4. Hear ‘em Knockin’ (Feat. Krayzie Bone & Flesh-N-Bone)
5. Grind Hard (Feat. Dirty Red & Paul Wall)
6. Chasing Paper (Feat. Snow tha Product & Thin C)
7. Thugs Hold It Down (Feat. Caine & Thin C)
8. Lucky 7’s (Feat. Felicia)
9. The Definition
10. We Show love (Feat. Mighty LDT)
11. Word Is (Feat. Thin C)
12. Ain’t Nothing To Me (Feat. Maybach Dice)
13. Enjoy The View (Feat. Thin C)
14. Like It Used to Be (Feat. Flesh-N-Bone & Thin C)
15. America (Feat. Might LDT)
16. If I Can’t Do It

The tracklist for The Meaning is as follows:

1. The Game Ain’t Ready (Bone's cut from UNI-5)
2. We At It Again
3. Real As It Gets (Feat. Flesh-N-Bone, 50 cal & Johnny Cat)
4. I’m That Fly (Feat. Decades)
5. Every Night (Feat. Bow Wow & Larron Brant)
6. Do Ya Thang (Feat. Thin C & Dre Ghost)
7. The Syndrome (Feat. Flesh-N-Bone, Stew Deez & Thin C)
8. Difficult Question
9. Better Days (Feat. Krayzie Bone & Flesh-N-Bone)
10. Now A Days (Feat. Big Sloan & Thin C)
11. Everybody (Feat. Ya Boy)
12. Fight (pt. 2)
13. She Bad (Feat. Too Short)
14. Ride The Ways (Feat. Thin C& Dre Ghost)
15. Magazine (Feat. J-Rush)
16. Top Of The List (Feat. Big Sloan)

(Layzie released his first video named "If I Can't Do It" late December to promote both albums;it can be viewed herein on the left.)


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