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Layzie Bone releases new video 'Every Night' feat. Bow Wow (2/8/2011)

Single cover-art for "Every Night"
Single cover-art for "Every Night"
RBC Records

Layzie Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony drops his third video “Every Night” for his upcoming albums, which are set to drop on the same day, Tuesday, February 22, 2011. The song features Bow Wow, who occupies the verse two, and Larron Brant who takes on the chorus with a played-out Auto-Tune performance.

“Every Night” is Layzie’s third video for his albums The Definition and The Meaning. His first video, “If I Can’t Do It,” made its premiere on December 26, 2010; his second video, “Hear ‘Em Knocking” featuring Krayzie Bone and Flesh-N-Bone, made its premiere on January 13, 2011. Both videos, including his newest, debuted on

“Every Night,” directed by MynameisRico in Miami, Florida, has a beautiful scenery and features up-and-coming model Jamee-Lee Maria Desouza, appropriately known as Pretty Jamee, as Layzie’s lead woman. Shooting a music video in Miami is a win-win situation, considering the plethora of beautiful locations. In that respect, “Every Night” is a winner and satisfactory.

In regard to the song itself, it’s not so interesting. The subject matter deals with a man who holds his woman down sexually in the bedroom and treats her right with gifts, etc. In other words, the theme represents a lovey-dovey song, which is okay because affection lives within us. However, this song has humdrum clichés such as the Bonnie-and-Clyde reference and the ride-or-die chick insinuation, making it no different than other recorded songs that sound similar.

Most disturbing, Auto-Tune plays a major part in this song. Auto-Tune (including vocoder) seems to be the pillar of acceptance by many hip-hop artists today – due to the fact that it is widely used and abused – which says a lot about the genre, the artists, and the uncreative music-making that it produces.

The garbage of Auto-Tune is simply nauseating and distorts music to a whole new level. It’s corny, uninventive, played out – and renders “Every Night” average and nothing more.

Layzie Bone’s “Every Night” is purchasable on Itunes: Click HERE.


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