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Layo G changing the fashion world with its 'Timeless Jacket' through Kickstarter

Layo G. collection
Layo G. collection

If women can multi task their daily lives and expect more than why shouldn't they also have clothes that multi task as well? Not just referring to a shirt that can be worn for both day and evening with the addition of a few accessories but something that can be transformed into a whole new look? Layo G. has done just that with the creation of her 'Timeless Jacket'.

Layo G.

Currently a part of her Kickstarter campaign, Layo G. has created an avant garde patent pending 'Timeless Jacket'. The jacket by first appearance looks like a regular structured jacket. Upon closer inspection you will find that there are slits onto of the pockets. These slits are what makes the jacket so unique. By inserting the flaps from Layo G. pants into the slits you can transform the jacket into a whole new look. Not wearing Layo G. pants? Not a problem. The pockets are reversible and can be tucked through the flaps to create even another new look. To view how the 'Timeless Jacket' works check out the Kickstarter video here.

The 'Timeless Jacket' isn't the only think that Layo G. has created. The entire line is full of edgy modern clothing for today's modern woman. The pieces can easily be worn in the office in the day and transition perfectly into evening wear. With an eye to the professional working woman, they describe their brand with the tag line "every woman is a boss." All the pieces are sourced and manufactered in New York and Layo G. is also located in NY right in the heart of the Garment District in NYC.

With a full range of high quality, carefully designed, and expertly crafted in the company's Spring 2014 Collection, all proceeds from the Kickstarter campaign will go towards the development of Layo G.'s next collection entitled 'She is King'. The 'She is King' collection is a collaborative effort with artist Ndidi Emefiele an African mixed media artist.

Layo G. was created by head designer Layo Gbadamosi, a licensed attorney who studied law at Fordham University and Fashion Design in New York's Parsons Institute of Fashion at the same time, had a vision of a brand that will provide something exclusive that has not been seen before. While in fashion school she became captivated with Fashion Law and wanted to create something that would garner patent protection. She achieved it by introducing the company’s unique Timeless Jacket concept after they filed for a patent with the USPTO an idea that was born to her while in her last year of law school. The patent application claims protection over the idea of inserting the pocket flap of an inner garment, through the corresponding pocket slit of the outer 'Timeless Jacket', to allow the two pieces to be worn together. When asked about the patent application, Layo says 'while our patent application is still currently pending, no matter what happens, we are proud to be the only fashion brand to ever introduce this concept.'

The Kickstarter campaign hopes to raise $50,000 by June 4. In addition to the Kickstarter campaign Layo G. also plans to gear up their PR efforts in order to enhance their brand visibility and increase their production capabilities. To learn more about Layo G. and to view the brand visit their site at To view the Kickstarter campaign and to donate towards the campaign visit

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