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Layered shamrock cake

Layered shamrock cake
I Am Baker

2-3 box cake mixes (yellow or white)
2-3 tubs frosting (vanilla or buttercream)
Green food coloring

Preheat oven to 375º (this temperature may vary depending on your cake mix) Prepare cake batter according to box instructions. Separate your batter into 7 bowls. Add one drop of food coloring to the first, two to the second, and so on. You should get a very even gradient in your green shades this way. Add each bowl of batter into 7 separate same-sized round cake pans. This is where you can choose how much cake mix and frosting you want, depending on how many layers you would like and how big each of these cake rounds will be. For the sake of instruction, this recipe will use 7 layers. You can bake off the layers one at a time if you don’t have 7 round cake pans of the same size (who does?) Bake according to package instructions.

Once you have baked off all of the layers, chill for at least 30 minutes. Coat each layer with a thin layer of frosting (known as a crumb coat) and chill for another hour. Prepare your serving dish and place the darkest layer as the base. Add a 1/3 inch layer of frosting to the top. Place the next darkest layer onto the frosting and continue this process until you have completed all 7 layers. Coat the entire outside of the cake with a thick layer of frosting. While you prepare to decorate, place the cake back in the fridge. Add green food coloring to your remaining frosting and add to a piping bag, or a Ziplock with the corner cut off. Remove the cake from the fridge and decorate with shamrocks. Serve and enjoy!

Recipe from I Am Baker