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'Layaway' That Disney Dream Vacation, Cruises and More

Travel Layaway lets families plan their vacations in advance, with low down payments and no credit check.
Travel Layaway lets families plan their vacations in advance, with low down payments and no credit check.
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Getting ready for that dream vacation? Thinking about Walt Disney World, a cruise for two, or maybe Mexico? Are you fretting about the cost and thinking there is no way you can put that much money together at once? You're not alone. Millions of other people are facing the same dilemma, and many are utilizing a little known travel industry secret. It's called 'travel layaway'.

Before easy credit, layaway was a simple procedure where you could purchase an item with a low down payment. The store would then hold the item while you made periodic payments. You didn't take the item with you until it was fully paid for. And it worked.

Many facets of the travel industry now use a similar program. Pick out your vacation, and make a small deposit to hold it. You then have to pay the rest before departure time. Interest free. No credit check. You don't even need a credit card to book.

The three major travel areas that offer some form of travel layaway include:

  • Disney - If you've looked at a Disney vacation lately, you know how expensive one can be. Especially if you want to stay on site, get a meal plan and add tickets into the package. Disney will layaway your vacation usually for about $200 per room, and that includes all the bonuses!
  • Cruises - You can layaway a cruise for even less down payment than a Disney vacation. With "wave season" (the traditional high sales time of January through March) currently going on, the cruise lines are eager to outdo the competition. Some have been running specials with down payments as low as $50 per person!
  • "All Inclusive" travel - There are hundreds of land resorts throughout the Caribbean and Mexico that have the 'all inclusive' concept. You pay one price, and all your meals (and in many cases alcohol), are paid for while you are vacationing. Several travel companies have also added charter flights from many US cities. Often these flights can be added in with the accommodations, and down payments are as low as $75 per person. Other areas include the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and The Bahamas.

With travel layaway you won't spend more than you can afford. Unlike 'credit card travel', with layaway you arrive at your destination with your trip paid in full. Sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself. It's ideal for couples, seniors and families wanting to take those long awaited vacations together.

Some travel agencies are concentrating on this growth market. The website 'My Travel Layaway' exclusively deals with this clientele, offering vacation guidance, free quotes, and even suggestions for planning your vacation budget. They'll even help you plan for the finances once you're ON the trip, and all vacations have cancellation clauses, although they vary by destination. Look for the link to their downloadable 'first time Disney visitor guide'. They also book cruises and all inclusives too.

Travel layaway is definitely an option to consider for your future vacations!

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