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Lay's Chicken and Waffle potato chips $13 a bag on Amazon

The reviews for chicken & waffle potato chips are thumbs down.

Lay’s Chicken and Waffle flavor potato chips are a regional favorite in the southeastern United States, but anyone who wants them can buy them on Amazon for a hefty price of between $10 and $13 per bag. Chicken and Waffle flavor potato chips were introduced in early 2013 and are still a favorite among Southerners who understand the flavor combination. But $13 a bag for Prime buyers on Amazon? Could they be worth it?

The exact inspiration for the chicken and waffle combination isn’t documented, but historians believe that the dish dates back to the 1790’s when African American culture began influencing the way American colonists cooked. The dish is actually prepared with homemade waffles and topped fried chicken and served with butter and maple syrup. Chicken and waffles is a beloved soul food by many in the South.

On Amazon, the listing for one 9-ounce bag of Lay’s Chicken and Waffle flavor potato chips shows 12 sellers and prices ranging from $9.37 to $449.95. (The $499 listing is probably a stock-out and the seller increased the price so none would sell until he restocked.) The lowest Prime listing is $13.25. does not have this item in stock, so third-party sellers control the price. Regular retail for this item in grocery stores, if available, is between $3 and $4.

Ordering potato chips online may not be a great idea. Third-party sellers ship their items to Amazon via UPS, the items are processed through the warehouse (with pretty rough handling), then shipped back out to customers by UPS or USPS. One can only imagine what a bag of chips looks like after that process.

According to the 50 Amazon reviews, Lay’s Chicken and Waffle flavor potato chips are under-whelming. Only 34% of the reviews are 5 stars. Unhappy customers remark that the product tastes like maple syrup on bland potato skins with not much chicken taste. Reviewers use derogatory works including gross, nasty, disgusting, and horrible.

Amazon also offers Lay’s limited edition Cheesy Garlic Bread and Sriracha Hot Sauce limited edition flavors, and the reviews aren’t much better.

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