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Lay off equals dream job

Ex-employee not wasting any time.
Ex-employee not wasting any time.

Layoffs and firings have been one of the economies greatest effects on our country. With Baltimore being a tough market for employment opportunities already, having an even tougher economy is not helpful for younger and older generations. With older generations having built up tremendous experience and resumes it can become difficult to pick up another job once they are unemployed. Having work experience brings higher salary demands (as it should) so companies feel it might be a better long term idea to hire less knowledgeable workers in order to keep costs low. A recent graduate with few opportunities will also have trouble getting started on his/her career path. It seems there just not enough jobs out there to support either of these generations.

As layoffs and firings happen, no matter the career level one is in, this is an important turning point in your career path. During this period one is still receiving paychecks through unemployment so it is affordable to live for a short period of time before looking for future employment. The question now becomes, was he/she happy with their prior job enough to stay in that field? Initially, one might choose a similar job (to his/her last) because it may be easier finding a job in a field he/she has experience in. This path illustrates how some rush to get a job for the income rather than seriously thinking about their future. Most of the time this seems to be the case that money has more power over happiness. Without doubt, it is possible to have both happiness and money in the same job, but it doesn’t occur as often as having one or the other.

Keeping all of that in mind, this is still a crucial time because while there is time to search for a job, there is also more time to enter into a field that can bring joy to one’s life. Looking for this joyous work opportunity is difficult while currently employed because there is a limited amount of time to dedicate to the search. Being at home is the best scenario as your availability becomes endless. In theory, it would appear that when one is in love with the career field he/she is in, he/she works harder because it is no longer considered work. In the end, the results become more affective and the employee feels more security in their job.

One enters the work force to make enough money to live a quality life. With the time off, one should really consider the career path and what will make him/her happy. It is never too late to dream regardless of how much experience and knowledge they have in something else.


  • cathy 5 years ago

    Well written--good ideas; psychologically appropriate....thanks