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LAX to Zacatecas Mexico only $1 USD (one way) on Volaris

In a previous post I had reported that Volaris, a relatively new airline flying out of LAX, had a fire sale with air fares in and out of select Mexican cities for as low as $37 USD one way, plus taxes and fees.

During another search for flights, I visited their website again only to find out that there is another special fire sale going on for various Mexican national flights, for a flight out of SFO and more interestingly, between LAX and Zacatecas Mexico.  Only that this time, the are fare is $1 USD one way, plus taxes and fees.  No, that is not a type-o and there are no other digits missing from the amount.  Taxes and fees total about $62 USD (one way) however, that is still a heck of a deal, considering other air fares on other Mexican carriers that fly to there.

Sadly though, there is one catch.  Travel can only take place on Saturday March 13, 2010.  So if you are planning to travel there or to the region around that time and if your schedule is flexible, check out this deal and others at: