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Lawyer throws ink tycoon's face: Accused of multi-billion fraud of poor Indians

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A lawyer threw ink at the tycoon whose alleged fraud of billions of dollars left his clients in India stripped of their life-savings. Subrata Roy made his way into court when a man, who was identified as a lawyer, threw the ink on his face while screaming, “He cheated and robbed us.”

According to Newsmax on March 5, Roy’s business group is accused of selling $3.2 billion worth of bonds, which turned out to be worthless. The anger grows towards the tycoon who took the life savings of poor Indian families who invested in these bonds.

Roy is a familiar face in India as he co-owns a Formula One Team and he is also a sponsor of the Indian cricket team. As Roy made his way into court on Tuesday the lawyer somehow got by the scores of police and security guards who surrounded the businessman to throw the black ink all over his face.

The tycoon is facing charges after his company failed to return the billions of dollars that is owed to investors.