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Lawyer throws ink in face of Indian businessman outside courthouse

Lawyer throws ink at Indian tycoon accused of fraud
Lawyer throws ink at Indian tycoon accused of fraud

Photos of a lawyer throwing all over the face of an Indian businessman outside of a Supreme Court building in New Delhi is a top Google search on March 5, 2014.

MSN reports that business tycoon Subrata Roy as entering the courthouse on Tuesday when a lawyer threw black ink at him, covering his entire face.

The photo of Roy with ink on his face quickly circulated on Twitter. The Hindustan Times, a media company in India, tweeted the photo (left) with the caption, "#Sahara boss gets ink on his face, assailant in SC calls him thief."

Roy was entering the court to face charges that his company, Sahara India Pariwar, scammed investors out of billions of dollars.

The Associated Press reports that Roy's company is accused by India's securities regulator of raising 200 billion rupees, equivalent of roughly $3.2 billion USD, through illegal bonds. Millions of people in India lost their entire savings due to the fraudulent bonds.

After Roy's arrest on Feb. 28, 2014, NDTV reported that he apologized and "promised that his company would be able to pay the outstanding debt from the bonds."

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