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Lawsuit against Leopold and county government dismissed

 John R. Leopold spoke at misconduct trial.
John R. Leopold spoke at misconduct trial.
Barbara Haddock Taylor

After a fifteenth month long battle in the Anne Arundel County Circuit Court the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and several others who participated in a lawsuit against the former Police Chief James Teare Sr., former County Executive John R. Leopold and the Anne Arundel county government found themselves on the losing end of the lawsuit.

In December 2012 eleven residents filed a lawsuit claiming that dossiers were illegally withheld after they filed a Maryland Public Information Act request.

The lawsuit gained more attention after Leopold who was convicted in February 2013 of misconduct in office resigned, but Leopold remains firm in his beliefs that the lawsuit had no merit.

County Attorney David Plymyer stated, “"It was very important for the county and the citizens of the county to know that we certainly did believe those people had a right to see that information. We weren't going to be a party to secreting it or hiding it."

This lawsuit is a big blow to ACLU and the eleven individuals who believe their rights were violated, but it could be looked at as victory for the county who have experience bad press after Leopold’s conviction.