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Lawrence's Mammoth Life is one of a kind

Always in uniform, and always good fun
Always in uniform, and always good fun
Courtesy of Mammoth Life

An amazing thing is happening in Lawrence. Its indie pop scene is growing, and bands like Mammoth Life are leading the way. Mammoth Life is a refreshing orchestral pop act with complex and layered melodies. Their biography could probably not put it any better:

"Founded in Lawrence, KS four years ago by producer Nicholas Goss and songwriting partner Elizabeth Mead, Mammoth Life has quickly become a safe haven for like minded artists seeking to achieve emotional immortality by attaining artistic self expression in multiple mediums of art."

Their 2007 debut, Kaleidoscopic Art Pop, was energetic chamber pop at its finest. Their long-awaited sophomore album, An American Movement, will arrive later this year. In the mean time, the band is releasing songs from the forthcoming release in the form of singles.

In March, they will release the CD single "Boy Blue, An American Lion" at Love Garden Sounds in Lawrence. The single recalls Dexy's Midnight Runners' hit "Come On Eileen." The B-side, "With Sanctity, Our Declaration," definitely would fit well on a spaghetti western soundtrack. Based on the strength of these two tracks, the new album should be phenomenal.

To catch Mammoth Life's energetic live set, be sure to check them out tomorrow night (Feb. 5th) at the Jackpot Saloon in Lawrence as part of the The Second Annual Lawrence/ Omaha Pop Showcase. The show will also feature Lawrence's Transmittens and Omaha bands Talking Mountain and Bear Country.

This will be the last time Mammoth Life will be performing in their Third Wave uniforms. Confused? Then come to the show to see what it's all about. It will be a fun night with extremely catchy music. 


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