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Lawrence childcare providers and parents share ideas on how to beat the clock while springing ahead!

With clocks ticking second-by-second towards springtime in Lawrence, the question for many parents of young children and toddlers becomes: how does a parent help a child make the time change adjustment, which in turn makes the transition easier on the parent?

Saturday, March 13th, is the day parents move clock hands to show an hour's loss.

Local childcare providers and parents share some tips they've learned over the years to help make the transition easier.

Split it - some parents say splitting the loss over a two - or even three - day span makes the loss easier.

Tiva Bruns, 303 Bowstring Drive, area daycare provider and mother of two says, " Take the loss on Friday night so the child and parent feel like their regular weekend hours aren't affected."

The rationale is that everyone is extra tired on Friday nights anyway, so eat dinner and hit the sack early. Just be careful not to miss any Saturday appointments!

What do you tell your super aware grade-school-aged child when they suspiciously ask why you're putting them to bed when it's still light outside?

If they're old enough to notice, then they are old enough for a simple explanation, clock in hand, about why this practice has been adopted.

Gabe Gutierrez, father of a six year old daughter and two year old son, adds that he explains how a growing body still needs a great deal of sleep, regardless of what signals the sun may be giving.

Most children have heard about saving energy when it comes to water and electricity usage; explain how it works with daylight too.

Make it fun! Jump out of bed for spring ahead, and fall back onto their bed for that extra hour gained in fall.

Give your child away for the weekend. This is the perfect time for divorced parents to suddenly see the light of day and graciously extend an offer to allow the other parent, or a grandparent, to have the child for the weekend.

Play extra hard. If the weather is nice enough, take the children to the park and let them get their ya ya's out. If they're tired, it will be especially easy to get everyone to bed early and they'll awaken refreshed and on the new time.

Parents need to take heed and go to bed early too, or they might receive a double whammy on Sunday morning!



  • RoeDapple 5 years ago

    You know Ronda I only sleep 3 to 5 hours a night anyway so it doesn't affect me much. Around here I usually start resetting the clocks early Saturday (except for the kitchen!) so by evening we are reading Sundays time and trying to adjust to programming. The Mrs still has the job of calling the adult daughters to make sure they are on the new schedule. They count on it. Looking forward to spoiling the first grandchild due in May though

  • RoeDapple 5 years ago

    Better change that to Saturday the 13th though, could cause some groggy parents even more confusion!

  • Ronda 5 years ago

    Roe, got it changed, thanks! Dates and times must be more of a guy thing! My cousin, truthfully, a real one, emailed me to make the correction. I certainly would have remembered had it been Friday the 13th, although yesterday could have passes for one.

    That grandchild is approaching quickly now. Are you and Mrs Roe organized and have things in place for those upcoming visits?

    I didn't realize how little you slept. Pain or pleasure?

    I like the idea of getting up regular time on Saturday and adjusting the clock early too. Seems to make Monday transition easier.

  • schula 5 years ago

    Thanks, Ronda! I will "spring forward" before I go to bed tonight. I like the comments made by the parents. I know I have a hard time going to bed when it is still light outside.

    I visited Alaska the summer of 2002 and it was hard to adjust to it being light at 10:00 at night or later. When we were in Denali Park, the sun was still out at 2:00 a.m. On the other hand, I was there in November 2000, and it started getting dark at 2:30 p.m. and the sun didn't come up until 10:00 a.m.

    Roe -- I look forward to hearing and seeing pictures of the first grandchild.

  • Ronda 5 years ago

    Schula, I haven't had the delight of Alaska and their long, or never ending daylight, but I don't think it would keep me from sleeping. I'd be out and about hiking and enjoying the surreal beauty. On the flip side, I'd be snoozing all the time during the dark days. Which doesn't sound too bad either right about now!

    Thanks for sharing your experience and knowledge.

    Hope you are springy today!

  • Leslie 5 years ago

    Hi, Ronda! I don't recall any difficulties specific to time change. The daughter and granddaughter were always very difficult to wake up, regardless of what time of the year it was.
    Roe, I love being Granma. Some say to crawl around on the floor to see everything from the baby's perspective. With my knees that would be more like slithering around the floor like I am working my way though I mine field.

  • Ronda 5 years ago

    Yes, nothing like being on the same level as the little people to see what joys and dangers lurk. Perhaps you have have your daughter do that part for you and you can relax in the comfort of your favorite chair secure that the child, and your home, are danger free.

    Enjoy the upcoming week!

  • honeychild 5 years ago

    when my children were very small, i was fortunate enough to be a stay at home mom, so the time change didn't affect us. however, as a mother of school aged children, i pretty much have to monitor bedtimes even moreso when the time change occurs. it can be hard because kids in that age range can be pretty obstinate and tricky as well!

  • Ronda 5 years ago

    Yes, Honeychild, there is a lot of differences between parenting a toddler, grade school age, or older child. We parents go through a great deal of changing strategies don't we! A parent has to stay on their toes!

  • Leslie 5 years ago

    That is just one reason I am happy to be the grandmother. It's kind of funny but now that I have cable for the first time in my life, I am staying up later and later to watch just one more movie on sy-fy.
    The cat curls up on the sofa with me and sometime we both are sleeping.

  • Leslie 5 years ago

    Ronda, please write an article on how to get a child to sleep in their own bed, on the difference between a single mother and a two parent family in this situation and at what age the child is too old to be doing this.

  • Ronda 5 years ago

    Leslie, I would be happy to do an upcoming article on your topic It is certainly one that many parents question.

    Your one reason for enjoying being a grandmother is? The one grandchild?

    Television can lull alot of us to sleep. Modern day fire to watch? ;)

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