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Lawn-mowing horse stowed on a balcony for safe keeping

Horse on a balcony
Horse on a balcony
Via Jacek Cimoch Facebook page

It is not everyday that you see a horse on a balcony, but according to Friday's publication of the Mirror U.K., that is where one man decided that a borrowed horse should hang out...for the sake of safe keeping.

A 48-year-old man from Grajewo, Poland, had borrowed the horse, named "Dolina," from a friend; he wanted Dolina to "mow" some grass for him. When the mowing duties wrapped up, the man decided that the horse should be stowed somewhere safe until his owner reclaimed him..the elevated balcony outside of his flat seemed to fit the bill.

Jacek Cimoch was walking by at the time and he decided to snap a photo of the odd sight. He stated:

"I was walking down the street when I noticed a horse standing on the balcony.

"I took out my phone and took a photo and put it on Facebook."

Dolina seems none-the-worse for wear from the experience. His owner, Jakob Pancesky, told the Mirror:

He is a bit of a character. He has never been frightened of anything in his life - you can fire a starting pistol next to him and he would only turn and look at you.

"I guess a flight of steps was no big deal to him."

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