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Lawmaker wants to ban teaching of evolution, without parental permission

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About 1/2 of Americans don't believe in evolution. Some don't even believe that viruses mutate or evolve, so they must wonder how they get sick every year. Missouri is not really the South, but it kind of is though. Parts of it at least. So, it shouldn't be too shocking what some of its' politicians propose.

Missouri state elected official, Rep. Rick Bratton, introduced a bill which would mandate that parents be informed if children are taught anything about you know, basic biology, that being evolution.

No word if children can't be taught that jumping off a tall tree branch could lead you to getting hurt, through the theory of gravity, without parents being informed.

Also, parents might have to be informed before a student tries drinking some chemicals in a chemistry lab that might kill him/her. After all, chemistry might be controversial to the religious beliefs of some parents and politicians.

Now, it seems this bill has been allowed to die, but along as there are simpletons like Rep. Rick Bratton, you can be rest assured, that its' not completely dead.

Also, if evolution is taught, then the "theory" of biological intelligent design must be taught. Yes, just like the theory of gravity must be taught with the theory of intelligent pushing down on us from the sky. You never heard of it, that's right, because the theory of gravity (theory in science not meaning in anyway a wild guess) is not controversial politically.

By the way, Talk Origins is an excellent website to learn about evolution and the origins of life.