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Lawmaker slams Obama for his narrow response in Iraq

On Sunday, Rep. Mike Turner,R-Ohio, while appearing on NBC TV's "Meet the Press" said he was dissatisfied with President Barack Obama and his administration for their military operations to save the members of Iraq's Yazidi religious-sect, while neglecting the overall terrorist rampage in Iraq.

Special forces trainers are once again in Iraq as the Islamic terrorists continue their onslaught.

Congressman Turner, the chairman the House Armed Services subcommittee, Tactical Air and Land Forces, said he found it a "very odd red line" to use air strikes against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria [ISIS) who are threatening Yazidis, but not against those threatening Christians and Shi'ites throught Iraq.

"Instead of when ISIS was establishing a stronghold with major infrastructure, threatening Baghdad, mass killings, tens of thousands of refugees, the administration took action only when it was a humanitarian issue," he told news anchor David Gregory in what was likely one of Gregory's last interviews for Meet the Press.

American military planes have been conducting airstrikes against ISIS which is continuing its threats against Iraq's Yazidis, who are cutoff and unarmed on top of a mountain in Sinjar.

The U.S. has also bombed the ISIS jihadists who are threatening the Kurdish city of Erbil. But Rogers laments the fact that the Obama administration has not ordered U.S. forces to attack terrorists in other areas of Iraq or Syria.

"Certainly this president needs to make the case and I think his policies should reflect it, that this is not just a threat to a stable Iraq, this is a threat to our national security," Turner said.

On "Fox News Sunday" during its weekly "superstar panel" segment, political analyst and daughter of Dick Cheney, the former U.S. vice president, Liz Cheney accused President Obama and his sycophants of practically taking a victory lap claiming the people on that mountain in Iraq had been saved.

But Cheney, a number of experts on Muslim terrorism and Kurdish officials still say that thousands of desperate Yazidis remain trapped on that mountain as the Pentagon appears to have given up on the launching of a rescue mission to save them, according to talk host and political blogger Ed Morrissey.

"Someone in the news media should ask President Obama: where is the 'red line' now? He's moved it so much perhaps it's on the Mexican side of the U.S. southwest border," said Det. Lyle Bolchek, an expert in anti-terrorism and security management. Bolchek was referring to the Obama red line when Syrian government troops began to use chemical weapons against the rebel forces.

Sinjar is the ancient home of the Yazidis, one of the towns captured by the ISIS terrorists who view the community as "devil worshipers."

The Yazidis in Iraq are part of a religious community that practices an ancient religion known as Zoroastrianism. The cities and towns in which they live were under the protection of Kurdish Peshmerga forces, but after ISIS invaded their cities and towns the Yazidis had to flee for their lives.

They are arguably of the oldest ethno-religious community in Iraq with their religion dating back thousands of years to Mesopotamia which is now Iran. The Sunni Muslims believe they are involved in Satan worship.

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