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Lawless, Inept President Continues to Get Media Pass

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Your signature legislation is about to launch. Your very presidency hinges on its successful beginning and overall success. Much of your political capital has been invested in this legislation. Your legacy is partly dependent on its success.

One would think, as president, you would be on top of the status of your signature legislation, the very item you are pinning the legacy of your presidency on, right? One would think you would be getting as many status updates as possible. You would demand accountability from your administration. But, nope, that is not what happened. This is what President Obama said in response to a question from CBS reporter Major Garrett on Nov. 14: “OK. On the website, I was not informed directly that the website would not be working as—the way it was supposed to.”

On Oct. 1, the day of the Obamacare rollout, the president went before reporters and announced to the world that it a success and that folks by the millions were enjoying the website, looking at health care plans to purchase and signing up. However, that was not what was happening. What was happening was the website was crashing. People weren’t able to navigate through it. They weren’t able to look at health care choices. They weren’t able to sign up.

A couple of weeks later, Obama held a press conference in which he told people to bypass the website and to just call an 800 number. He said that by calling the 800 number, folks could learn all about the greatness of Obamacare from friendly people and sign up. However, that was not the case either. No one can sign up for Obamacare by calling the 800 number.

All the while, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius (who oversees Obamacare) said Obama had no clue none of this was going to work properly. Even though in test runs leading up to the Oct. 1 launch, the website was crashing with just a couple hundred of tech geeks testing it. It was unable to do its thing. Not even close! But, allegedly Sebelius told Obama it would work because she was told it would work (even though they knew it wouldn’t work).

This is not the first time Obama apparently was clueless about something. Of course, in my view he is clueless about just about anything, except for perhaps his annual NCAA Basketball Tournament picks. Regarding the Fast and Furious scandal (U.S. government GIVING high-powered assault rifles to Mexican drug gangs), Obama said he “had no idea” it happened until he “saw it on the news.”

When it was revealed just a few weeks ago that the National Security Agency was spying on foreign leaders (including our friends and allies), Obama said he “didn’t know” anything about it, again, until he saw it in the news. The Internal Revenue Service investigating conservative-oriented groups? Again, Obama said, “Like most of you, I just learned about it in the news.” The attack on the U.S. Consulate office in Benghazi, Libya, once again the president knew little of it and for weeks his administration faulted a little-seen video for causing the “riot” to occur. Fifteen months later, no oneknows where President Obama was the night of the Benghazi attack that resulted in the murder of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens. We do know, apparently, that Obama was informed of the attack at about 5 p.m. on Sept. 11, 2012. From that point on, the White House will not say where the president was or what he was doing. We do know the next night he shuttled off to Las Vegas for a fundraising event.

While there has been some media uproar about Obama not knowing these things, especially not knowing the failures of the Obamacare website, overall the media has gone easy on him. Can you imagine the media reaction if something similar occurred under a Republican president? Can you imagine the media reaction to every time something happens the Republican president said he was unaware and learned about it in the news? Can you imagine the media reaction if the White House refused to tell the media the whereabouts of the Republican president while the Benghazi attack was taking place? Of course, in this instance, most media has not been curious about the president’s whereabouts. Their disinterest has been deafening.

Ok, so we have a president that apparently knows little of what is taking place in his administration (Obama brain, David Axelrod, says the government is too big and too vast for the president to know these things). But what about the absolute lawlessness of this president? This past summer, Obama announced an extension of the employer mandate to Obamacare until AFTER the November 2014 election. The problem, however, is that the president LEGALLY cannot make changes to a law. Only Congress can.

As millions were losing their health plans because of Obamacare, Obama announces, “The insurance companies can extend those policies for one year!!” The problem, however, is that Obama LEGALLY cannot do that to a law. Only Congress can.

The day before Thanksgiving – a great day for the White House to unload news as people are traveling for the holiday or getting ready for it – Obama announced another delay in Obamacare. This one deals with small businesses. He waved his magic wand and announced, “Small businesses, I am extending until after the November elections, your deadline under Obamacare laws!!” Again, the problem with that is that he LEGALLY cannot do that. Lots of delays in lots of aspects of Obamacare, which is something Obama said he would NOT agree to during the government shutdown of October.

There have been lots of laws Obama has just ignored, even though the when swearing in to be president he says, “I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

That means he will faithfully execute the laws of this country as dictated by the U.S. Constitution.

So, in five years’ time, President Obama has shown that he is clueless, at best, or a complete liar, at worst. He also has clearly shown that he has no interest in executing the U.S. Constitution and its laws properly. That is Obama’s presidency in a nutshell: clueless, liar and illegal. Most presidents would be impeached and sent packing. The media would be circling around the White House like a pack of hungry wolves. However, with the Democrats in control of the Senate, that will not happen – impeachment or the circling pack of hungry journalist wolves. Even if the Senate was to switch in 2015 to Republican control, more than likely, there will be no impeachment.

So, we have three more years of incompetence, lies and corruption. Hey the people of the United States of America, welcome to Illinois!



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