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Law proposed to protect Facebook user data from employers

Photo by Kim White/Getty Images
Photo by Kim White/Getty Images

Privacy on the Internet is still a work in progress. Considering the amount of information available on Facebook, it is no surprise that many employers are looking to get at that information. This lead to the bright idea of making Facebook logins a part of the information needed in a job interview, which caused some serious outrage. Several months later, despite the outrage passing on, a couple of Congressmen have introduced bills to make this illegal.

The bill is called The Social Networking Online Protection Act, which not only prevents employers from asking for your Facebook login data, it would also restrict employers from using information about you obtained online as a factor in hiring. The bill also extends these rules to all academic institutions. These are pretty comprehensive rules, though Ars Technica doesn't report the likelihood this bill will become law.

If this does pass, it does a lot to at least protect what you do online from being used against you by employers. It doesn't prevent the government from collecting and using that data. This is a positive step in a year steeped in attacks on digital rights. This is an early bill, so it likely can be watered down by the time it actually makes it to the President's desk.

Ars Technica