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Law & Order: SVU cancelled…or at least it should be

Cast of Law & Order
Cast of Law & Order

I can’t be the only one who used to watch frequent Law & Order: SVU marathons on the USA network on rainy days. Nothing was better. And, speaking as an avid viewer of the franchise, I can’t be the only one yelling to the sky, “Just end it already!”

For whatever reason, I don’t really “like” SVU any more. It’s getting stale and predictable, but for some reason I keep watching and holding out hope that it will get better. Stockholm Syndrome, maybe? I don’t know. Let me explain why SVU has been my Chinese water torture lately.

For one, the plots are pretty repetitive and boring. The plot formula works like this. Detective Benson (Mariska Hargitay) wrongfully accuses a “perp” of a crime and arrests him (generally speaking, the perpetrator is a “he”). Then, she badgers him in the interrogation room and ultimately has to let him go because it’s unlawful and no evidence exists. Next, the show has an outlandish turn of events that leads to the investigation of a crime much bigger; this crime is usually pretty unrelated. Inevitably, Detective Benson ignores her sergeant’s orders to stay out of the way and get off the case. She, of course, doesn’t listen. Eventually, she captures and arrests the real perpetrator and then consoles the victim by telling him or her “it’s not your fault” (of course it isn’t).

This is what happens week in and week out with slight variations. I thought there would be a little bit of a change with the introduction of new detectives (in particular, when they added actor Danny Pino to the cast because I enjoyed him in Cold Case). But, no. Didn’t happen.

Not only are the episodes foreseeable, but also they are getting more and more unbelievably outlandish. Take last week’s episode. Detectives Nick Amaro (Danny Pino) and Amanda Rollins (Kelli Giddish) are off duty and leaving a party, but it just so happens that as they are walking home, they miraculously encounter a cop chasing a suspect. They take after the teen suspect and Amaro ends up shooting him. Really? Frankly, I’m disappointed.

Maybe I’m biased, but SVU started to crash and burn shortly before Detective Stabler (Christopher Meloni) was written off of the show. I mean, there’s still Olivia Benson, but recently, the shows have revolved mostly around her. It’s kind of turned into a parody. They should definitely put psychologist Dr. Huang in more episodes and include more famous guest stars since they tend to bring the plot alive.

The only evolution found in SVU is the technology used to capture criminals during the episodes. I’m well aware that Law & Order: SVU debuted in 1999, so material is wearing thin, but it’s time to just let it go and cancel it.

Do you love or hate Law & Order: SVU? Let me know. Comment below.

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