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Law expert calls for Congressional hearings over Monitor Group lobbying

Johnathan Levy says Congressional hearings needed over illegal Libyan lobbying by Monitor Group
Johnathan Levy says Congressional hearings needed over illegal Libyan lobbying by Monitor Group

Jonathan Levy, an international law expert, is calling for Congressional hearings over Monitor Group lobbying for Libyan dictator Muammar Khadafy. Levy says the failure of the Justice Department to watch the activities of foreign agents for rogue nations like Libya warrants Congressional oversight.

Levy, who previously pronounced Monitor Group’s failure to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act problematic, today said further inquiry is needed. “The Congressional Committees on Foreign Affairs should be holding hearings in this matter.”

Levy, who is on the adjunct faculty at Norwich University, instructs graduate seminars on counter terrorism also had a few words about two Harvard University professors recruited by Monitor Group for paid junkets to Tripoli. The Harvard pair were part of a “visitor” scheme to shape public opinion about Khadafy.

“As an attorney, I am not surprised that Monitor Group had FARA issues, but as an Adjunct Professor of Diplomacy and Public Administration I am outraged that Monitor Group facilitated Libya’s attempt to subvert with pay-to-play some of the biggest names in political science including Joseph Nye and Robert Putnam,” said Levy.

Levy continued, “This shameful venture calls into question the ethics of American academics who accept big money from organizations like the Monitor Group. To suggest that political scientists can be on the take from dictators and not be influenced is nonsense.”

Nye and Putnam both deny wrongdoing insisting they were not compromised and that they were only trying to bring reform to an isolated government. Putnam has gone so far as to say he would not have gone to Libya and met with Khadafy if he knew the ultimate purpose was not to reform Khadafy but instead reform his image. Neither man has disclosed how much they were paid by Libya through Monitor Group nor offered to return their honorariums.

Another Harvard University professor, Michael Porter, has also come under fire for his connection to Monitor Group. Porter, one of Monitor Group’s co-founders with other Harvard Business School professors, landed the Libyan multi-million dollar contracts for the firm. Fellow Harvard professor Harry Lewis has called for Porter’s censure and says Porter brought shame to the ivy-league school.

Besides the unregistered visitor program, Monitor Group handled some of Khadafy’s most sticky media problems. Monitor Group helped Libya manage damage control with the international media after Khadafy’s forces tortured Bulgarian nurses who were in Libya doing humanitarian work.

Monitor Group also made a series of recommendations for the restructuring of the dread Libyan secret police apparatus. At least one of Monitor Group’s recommendations was implemented according to a recent WikiLeaks document.

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