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Law biding citizens turned to sitting ducks by US Government.

Cary Heath Back From Afghanistan
Cary Heath Back From Afghanistan
Tresa Heath, Cary Heath, Jason Heath, Steven Miller

The second shooting at Fort Hood since President Obama took office should be a sign to the rest of the United States that taking guns away from law biding citizens just makes them sitting ducks.

The true out rage here is that our fighting men are not allowed to protect themselves and then they are abandoned and not protected. The men that risk life and limb for their country are embarrassingly under paid. They are taken for granted, labeled killers, live in deplorable conditions, on scraps we would feed our pets and are trained not to complain about it. When the spend thrifts of Washington waist their allotted money they take from our fighting men. It would seem that cutting military spending means disarm our fighting men and then not give them ample Military Police to protect them.

In 1993 President Clinton also a democrap took away the rights of the US Soldiers to carry personal arms on military bases. Just as it usually works they have been made sitting ducks. They are as enticing of a target as our children in public schools. Take away the law biding citizen’s rights to carry guns and you make a playground for the criminals. It is like shooting fish in a barrel. The casualty count is so high in these cases because they have to wait for the police to get there, On A Military Base! With Some Of Our Best Fighting Men! This is shameful. It is Benghazi all over again, the refusal to protect our own. Go on back to bed President Obama and Hillary Clinton; don’t worry your pretty little heads about us.

The Obamacare website is rumored to have cost over 600 million dollars. Even if the cost turns out to be closer to the 93 million it was supposed to have cost, that would have been enough to give every US citizen almost 300 thousand in a health savings account. And just think of the Military Police it would have paid for.

How can we ask these heroic men to defend us when we won’t even allow them to defend themselves.