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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 15x24 - strong finale to an emotional season

‘Law and Order: SVU’ 15x24 - strong finale to an emotional season-slide0

In last week’s episode, the police investigate a man who is accused of having thoughts about harming little boys but there is no evidence to prove he ever did.

The squad investigates a couple who are assaulting men using Craig's list while Amaro tries and fights the charges against him

In this week’s episode, called “Spring Awakening”, we get the season finale for this year as Amaro finds himself in deep trouble after the actions of what he did, and Much (Richard Belzer) returns to give Benson some advice about maybe adopting the young baby boy from another case.

We get reminded of what got Amaro in trouble as he beats up the man who was on trial in the last episode. We get to see the whole consequences of what he did, him getting arrested, finger printed, and put into jail. Amaro uses his phone call to call Rollins and the rest of the squad shows up.

IAB is once again called into talk with someone from the SVU squad. Amaro looks like he’s being accused of Assault in the first degree, but it can be worse considering an out of town ADA is trying Amaro. It’s something that other people have noticed and like to tell the squad about.

Murphy has the tough task of keeping the rest of the squad going forward with work and not trying to help clear Amaro. He’s trying not to make things worse as it won’t look good for the media if they start meddling again in the police investigation.

Amaro and his lawyer talk and he learns that the DA is trying to make an example out of him. Rollins tries to reason with Amaro. She calls in on an old friend, Munch to help Amaro out. He’s going to work as a private investigator and try and help Amaro. He starts by posting his bail.

The case they are working on involves a victim, Hans, who got assaulted by someone from Craigslist named Lizette (she had another man come in on them so he could rob Hans and assault him). Murphy thinks about answering the same ad to try and lure them out. They all go under cover with Murphy as the lead. They end up catching the couple.

Benson/Trevor (guest star Peter Hermann) try and talk Lizzette (real name is Ellie) into turning against her pimp, Tino. She is reluctant to do so because they are in ‘love’.

Benson is continuing to monitor the case about the baby doe boy she found earlier in the season and has a renewed interest in him as ACS continues to struggle to find a home for him. And of course there is quite the twist as Ellie turns out to be the mother to the baby doe.

Of course there would be a connection with that case and this one. Benson tells her about her son, Noah, and how she found him with child pornographers. The reunion between Noah and Ellie is bitter sweet for Noah as she has grown attached to him over the time and it’s hard for her to see Noah with someone else. We were all hopeful that Benson would end up with Noah.

Of course Rollins doesn’t listen to Murphy and she goes to talk to Simon’s wife. She blackmails her into making Simon tell IAB that he swung first. Rollins ploy works as Amaro gets to keep his shield but is on his last chance.

Tino doesn’t have bail and Ellie is nervous that he will come after her. She tells Benson that she’s going to do anything that she can to get Noah back in her life.

Ellie goes missing and they track Tino’s ankle monitor. They find a body on a train tracks and they believe that it’s Ellie’s body. It’s burnt up so they need to do DNA check to make sure. They confirm it’s her and Tino says that he killed her alone but they find 6 different kinds of DNA on her.

By the end of the show, Benson finally gets her dream and she gets custody of Noah. Benson finally gets to become a mother. She’s wanted this for so long and it’s nice to see her finally get the thing that she’s wanted the most.

We finally get to see how Murphy gets his leave (because Donal Logue is starring in Gotham in the Fall) as he gets a new under cover assignment thus making him leave his post. Benson gets the job back as the CO for SVU.

This season started with a bang and ended with one too. Benson developed a lot in this season as she goes from being a victim to being a mother. Amaro finds himself finding fall down as he loses his wife, his daughter, and his good name as a cop. Rollins learns that gambling is certainly not the answer to anything and we lost Munch and Kragen to retirement. WE should see a lot of new faces next year as we will get a new commanding officer and perhaps two new detectives. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in Season 16.

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