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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 15x23 - squad investigates a photographer killing boys

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In last week’s episode, a TV producer is accused of sexually abusing his daughter and it’s hard to convince the jury that he’s guilty because of the influences he has.

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In this week’s episode, called “Thought Criminal”, the police investigate a man who is accused of having thoughts about harming little boys but there is no evidence to prove he ever did.

The show starts with the group trying to get catch pedophiles by staging a young girl on the web talking about doing anything they want. They pick up one suspect in their jurisdiction named Gordon (guest star Brian Baumgartner, The Office) and they arrest him. He says he can offer bigger names to get him off the hook.

While in the holding cell, Murphy pretends to be another ‘victim’ of the web talk.

Benson/Murphy find one particular person on the web talk that’s very graphic in the ‘fantasy’ things he likes to do. They want to go undercover to see if true or not.

Murphy/Rollins go under cover to meet with Simon Wells (guest star Joshua Malina, Scandal) and Murphy talks with him about his ‘other’ works. Simon agrees to meet with him. He tries to get Simon to talk about getting out of the fantasy and into reality but Simon doesn’t admit to anything.

Amaro/Fin go back to Gordon to get more information. They find out about a live feed that someone (he thinks Simon) did where he killed a boy).

Murphy takes Fin with him under cover to try and get Simon. He tells them about a sound proof room they can use to rape the pretend boy and if they live feed it then they can get people to pay. The room is filled with torture tools and other things to kill the boys.

This case has tensions riding high in the case as the squad has a hard time with Simon. Considering the evidence they have piling up against him, it’s no surprise. They have videos and photos of boys being tortured. Simons claims it’s all fantasy and not real.

The case goes to trial but the squad has a timeline to really put him away, but need a victim to do so. Considering his fantasies, you would think it would be easy right? Unfortunately, they find the evidence doesn’t make sense as they find his DNA and nothing else. So who do we turn to, none other then Dr. Huang (guest star B.D. Wong).

Things don’t look well for Simon when Wong concludes that he’s escalating and it’s possible that he could one day torture a boy. They try and offer him a deal but Simon’s lawyer suggests they don’t take it. She has a point as they are trying to convict based on fantasies and nothing else and it becomes the idea of whether not they can stop someone from potentially being assaulted.

They may have caught a break as Simon’s ex-wife, Paula, offers to speak to them to get Simon. She says that they shouldn’t trust him and that he left because he had urges to hurt their son.

Maria returns and makes an offer to Nick that he’s not sure if he can take or reject. Amaro doesn’t want to leave New York and he doesn’t want Maria to take their daughter away from him. Could this spell the end of Amaro? Will he end up following Maria to California or will he stay and pursue his relationship (or whatever it is) with Rollins. The stress of the case and the pressure of almost losing his daughter causes Amaro to snap and he assaults Simon.

In the next episode we get the season finale for this year as Amaro finds himself in deep trouble after the actions of what he did, and Much (Richard Belzer) returns to give Benson some advice about maybe adopting the young baby boy from another case.

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