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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 15x22 - a TV producer is accused of assaulting his daughter

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In last week’s episode, Benson must deal with the consequences of the events that William Lewis did in the last episode when he played a cat and mouse game with Benson.

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In this week’s episode, called “Reasonable Doubt”, a TV producer is accused of sexually abusing his daughter and it’s hard to convince the jury that he’s guilty because of the influences he has.

The story seems to mirror a certain director and a young female companion (Woody Allen and Mia Farrow) that have been in the news.

Benson and Murphy (guest star Donal Logue) go to speak to a TV producer Frank Maddox (guest star Bradley Whitford Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) and tell him about his daughter, Chelsea, be sexually abused. He immediately brushes it off saying that he’s going through a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife and actress Catherine Summers (Samantha Mathis American Psycho).

Rollins/Amaro talk with Barba about the video that the mother gave them with Chelsea’s take on what happened on it and they are hesitant that it’s not fake because mother is bitter about the end (Frank cheated on her with her sister Rose).

Murphy/Benson question Frank about his last visit with Chelsea. He kind of beats around the bush and doesn’t give straight answers which makes the police wonder about him.

Benson/Amaro quickly see that the mother is a bit of hindrance as she tries and continues her explanation that Frank molested Chelsea. Benson questions Chelsea to see if she was ‘pretending’ like she does with Frank.

Finn discovers that the babysitter left Frank and Chelsea alone while she had a cigarette and she came back to find them coming out of the laundry room (making the police catching him in at least one lie). Rollins talks with Daniel (their son) and talks about how Frank is fixated on Chelsea and dressing up girls.

Things get interested when pictures surface on the internet from when Catherine’s sister was 18 and were taken by Frank. They think that they are taken when she was younger and think that Frank has been abusing her before the ‘affair’ occurred.

Finn/Rollins talk with Catherine’s younger sister (middle child) Mavis and learn that she was the one that set up nanny cams and caught Rose and Frank having an affair. She said Frank knew about the cams and that’s why he assaulted Chelsea in the laundry room.

Rose is ok with the fact that she had to give up her relationship with Catherine so that she can be with Frank.

Benson/Murphy go after Frank again after getting some evidence against him. He doesn’t look good in the end.

We see something interesting as Rollins is watching Frank/Rose declare their love for one another and bad mouth Catherine on a entertainment show. But she’s not watching it alone. Lo and behold Amaro comes out wearing only a towel and watches it with her.

Who saw this coming? Almost everyone.

Catherine changes her mind and decides to press charges against Frank which begins the circus for the investigation. Things are going well until the nanny is on the stand and she changes on the stand and she claims to not remember that Frank and Chelsea came out of the laundry room.

A little convenient huh?

While talking bout the case, Murphy notices something a little off about Rollins and wonders if she has a problem with a man in power (maybe something stemming from her relationship with her father).

Benson notices that Mavis stops coming to the court and wonders if maybe she has a history with Frank. Sure enough, when she talks to her, she finds out that Frank ‘noticed’ her when he married Catherine. She was 12 at the time.

Mavis speaks out on a talk show host where she talks bout how he raped her and then says that she leaked the photos to try and get people to see that Frank is a monster. The interview causes Frank to flee the country with Rose claiming that Mavis and Catherine have a vendetta against him. Barba continues to go on with the court irregardless if Frank is there.

In the end, Frank is found guilty.

In the next episode, the police investigate a man who is accused of having thoughts about harming little boys but there is no evidence to prove he ever did.

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