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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 15x21 - Benson struggles with aftermath of Lewis’s death

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In last week’s episode, Benson finds herself in trouble again as she falls herself in a situation she might not get out of.

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In this week’s episode, called “Post Mortem Blues”, Benson must deal with the consequences of the events that William Lewis did in the last episode when he played a cat and mouse game with Benson.

Tucker shows up at the hospital to try and get answers from Benson but Murphy (guest star Donal Logue) shuts him down and convinces him not to. The group talk about how they are going to handle IAB and Murphy says let Benson tell her story and not tell it for her.

During Benson’s interview with IAB, a lawyer comes in and takes her away so that they can over her statement. She knows that she is innocent but her confession is shaky because it looks like she executed him. Everyone around her is trying to help her but she would have to lie. Not feeling comfortable with doing that again, she continues to push the truth on everyone.

Benson tries to go back to work and Murphy wants her to go home. Murphy tells her to go alone with IAB’s idea to call it a justifiable homicide. It’s strange seeing IAB and Tucker want to try and protect Benson for what happened. Perhaps it’s the fact that they all wanted Lewis dead and don’t really care how that happened.

Before going into their interviews, the group talk about what they are going to do. Amaro doesn’t want to lie but Finn and Rollins want to protect Benson. Murphy just tells them to tell the truth because no one saw what happened. Murphy talks with Amaro about his testimony and why it’s important for Benson.

Tucker talks with Benson and warns her that going down this path might spell out bad news for her if the Brooklyn DA wants to pursue charges. She thinks that she is off the hook until Murphy comes and tells her that she’s being investigated by the Brooklyn DA thinking that the whole thing is a cover up.

The DA works the interrogations on anyone involved in the case and it looks like they are going to stop at nothing until they take Benson down, including bringing up her confession to what she did to Lewis.

When Murphy takes the stand, he stands up for Benson. He makes the jury see that Benson did what was right and took down a man that was only going to cause more harm if he stayed alive. He made them see that Benson did what she had to do to take him down and that indicting her would be wrong.

The jury seemed to agree.

Murphy tells Benson the good news and convinces her to stay on the team. He tells her that he’s going to remain as acting commanding officer with her as his number 2.

In the next episode, a TV producer is accused of sexually abusing his daughter and it’s hard to convince the jury that he’s guilty because of the influences he has.

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