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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 15x20 - Lewis returns to try and finish off Benson

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In last week’s episode, a single mom gets arrested for domestic violence, but Benson thinks that actions by the mother is by fear and not neglect, and Dr. Lindstrom uncovers the woman’s own repressed memories of abuse.

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In this week’s episode, called “Beast’s Obsession”, Benson finds herself in trouble again as she falls herself in a situation she might not get out of.

Lewis (guest star Pablo Schrieber) uses his charm and lack of respect to human life to break out of prison.

LT. Murphy (guest star Donal Logue) returns and is taking the lead on the case because Benson is the target and 1PP doesn’t want her in the lead.

Lewis ups his game knowing that all of NYPD will be looking for him. He wants Benson and he wants to finish what they have started. He kidnaps a little girl in order to get Benson’s attention. He had promised to let the girl live if Benson admits the truth about what she did to him.

As the search for Lewis continues, he starts taking down anyone and everyone that gets in his way. Murphy quickly learns that Lewis is smarter then the average criminal, but he always seems to know how Lewis will act, despite what Benson thinks.

Benson makes a bold move, leaving her protection detail so that she can try and attempt to save the little girl that Lewis has hostage.

The end of the show has quite the twist. As you think that it’s going to be the end of Benson’s life, it turns out Lewis kills himself but making sure that Benson is close so that she can see the whole thing. He has set up a good ending for the season (which is coming soon) as no one is going to believe that Benson didn’t shoot him in cold blood because of her confession of what she did to him.

The show is going to be off the air for a little bit, but will be looking to be coming back soon with the season finale to be aired on May 21st.

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