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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 15x18 - Benson becomes the public face of SVU

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In last week’s episode, Rollins hits rock bottom as she goes too far after she finds herself in the wrong situation. The squad tries to rally behind her, but she’s at the point of no return.

In this week’s episode, called “Criminal Stories”, Alec Baldwin guest stars as a reporter who complicates a rape that looks like a hate crime.

Mariska Hargitay does double duty this week as she steps behind the camera and directs this episode. 1PP has hired a columnist named Jimmy (Baldwin) to write a piece on Benson and what’s she’s gone through recently and her success at SVU. This is as a result to the bad reputation SVU’s been getting lately (with Amaro’s shooting and Rollins’s gambling problems). Benson is obviously weary about it and makes sure that the squad doesn’t say anything incriminating.

It doesn’t take long for Jimmy to become a hindrance on the case as he tries to force his way into it, without considering the consequences. This obviously rubs Benson the wrong way and it creates tension between them where it should be peaceful.

The victim, Heeba, is thought to be targeted as part of a hate crime. She claims that it was by two men who were yelling racial slurs. The detectives soon find out that she is hiding something and she uses her parents dislike towards the NYPD to keep the secret from the detective.

The detectives are able to get a lead and do everything that they can to keep it out of the press so that things don’t get worse for them. They find that it’s Heeba’s brother’s bosses, Elias and Mike, that have raped her. They claim it was consensual.

As they are investigating, Barba notices a pattern with Jimmy’s articles and the case. He thinks that 1PP let Jimmy had full access so that they could cover up the crime. He thinks that maybe that 1PP is the leak and not someone in the SVU. Jimmy of course denies it, but it’s really unclear if he’s lying or not so that he can protect his source.

As the trial goes underway, Barba has a long uphill climb as he has to prove that Elias and Mike are guilty despite the fact that Heeba had lied initially about it being a hate crime. He knows that it’s going to be hard, but it’s worth the risk.

As the show comes to an end, Jimmy sees the error of his ways and tries to make amends. He is able to get the truth out and correct the mistake he made against Heeba. While Elias and Mike may not get as much time as if they went to trial, they are still going to get some justice handed to them.

The show is going to be off the air for the next few weeks, not set to return until April 2nd.

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