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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 15x16 - A school does anything they can to get a player

In last week’s episode, a comic who pokes fun at rape is put on the stand as he is accused of rape.

In this week's episode, a football star from Georgia gets more then he’s bargained for when he’s being recruited by Hudson University.

In this week’s episode, titled “Gridiron Soldier”, a football star from Georgia gets more then he’s bargained for when he’s being recruited by Hudson University.

A high school football star from Georgia named Cedric comes in to visit and tries to tell the coach that he’s committed to Georgia Tech but the coach does anything in his power, including sending two girls to seduce him, to make him stay.

Cedric’s uncle, Larry, comes up, and ironically he knows Rollins. They learn that another football player Eddie (guest star Greg Finley, TV’s “Secret Life of the American Teenager”) was his chaperone, but seems to be covering up something. They are able to find him in jail after punching someone out at a gay bar.

Rollins doesn’t believe that this is a hate crime, so her and Amaro question Eddie again. It leads to them finding out that they pulled a prank on Cedric where they had a gay man ‘service’ Cedric before dropping him off at a gay bar.

The football team claims that they have nothing to do with it but Rollins/Amaro know different. They believe that Hudson knows about the assault and the football team are refusing to be cooperative. When Cedric learns that they recorded the whole thing, he tries to take his life, which he did when he survived and lost his chances of playing in the NFL.

As the case comes to an end, the squad learns that this is something that is practiced a lot with their recruits, including Eddie. That’s why he did the same thing to Cedric. It was his way of ‘toughing him up’. All roads lead back to the head coach, and he gets what he deserves as they arrest him for rape.

Rollins falls deeper down the rabbit hole as she loses big on a college basketball game. Her friend bails her out, but only if she gets help. She goes along with it, but the case starts to get to her and she falls back into old habits.

Benson and Finn have become the ‘voices of reason’ for SVU as Amaro goes out of his way to help Rollins with the case.

In next week’s episode “Gambler’s Falacy” Rollins hits rock bottom as she goes too far after she finds herself in the wrong situation. The squad tries to rally behind her, but she’s at the point of no return.

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