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‘Law and Order: SVU’ 15x15 - SVU shows that rape is not a laughing matter

A comic learns that rape is not as funny as he thought
A comic learns that rape is not as funny as he thought

In last week’s episode, the unit stops at nothing to try and find a missing girl, while Benson takes a test that may change her life.

For the full recap of the last episode, go here.

In this week’s episode, titled “Comic’s Perversion”, it’s part one of a two part show that will include a merge between SVU and Chicago P.D. A comic who pokes fun at rape is put on the stand as he is accused of rape.

We go to a campus called TSU where a comic named Josh Galloway (guest star Jonathan Silverman) is giving a show for the campus. He starts making jokes about rape and a group of women, including Renee Clark (from season 14 episode 20 “Girl Dishonored”), start to get upset and walk out. As Renee is walking home, two guys from the club find her and attack her. Benson wants to go after Josh for egging on the two guys who attacked Renee, but Barba says that it’s freedom of speech and can’t. But things get a little hairy when Galloway is accused of rape.

This show really shows that there are just some things that shouldn’t be joked about. Rape is definitely one of them. Though there are times when the word is used to loosely (if you play online gaming, you hear it all the time). This episode shows that rape should be handled delicately and it’s not a laughing matter.

The show loves to do shows in regards to freedom of speech and this one is no different. There is a fine line when it comes to this amendment. Yes there is freedom of speech, but there is also social rules that should be abide by. Josh uses his arrest to make a political case so that he can become more popular as a comedian. This is where it gets tough, because if he gets off then he gets creditability and it makes it harder to stop him.

It doesn’t take long for things to get complicated for the squad. Carly, the victim of Josh’s, is caught on video drunk and flashing the camera and Josh. Obviously this doesn’t look good for the case and harder to prosecute Josh.

Tensions rise as Barba felt like he was backed into a corner by the squad. He accuses Benson of not doing her job and making sure they got him all the information for the case before they went to trial. Obviously she takes offense to it and while they should be working as a team, it shows them more concerned about saving their own butts.

Renee, who has been a victim twice already, make a bold move and is able to take Josh down.

At the end of the episode, Lindsey (Sophia Bush) from Chicago PD comes to talk to Benson about a victim in Chicago who matches MO from a victim in New York. She learns that Voight thinks highly of her and she liked hearing that.

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